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Travel consulting

In our dramatically different travel landscape, travel companies can journey back to growth by finding creative ways to succeed in the new reality.

Back to growth in travel with creative pragmatism

As travel gets started on the journey back to growth, industry players are still grappling with the dynamics of a dramatically different travel landscape.

Travel companies will need to lean into their “adaptive gene,” and find ingenious ways to succeed in today’s environment. We call this mindset creative pragmatism, and it combines a realist’s clear vision and an innovator’s bold spirit.

You can start applying creative pragmatism by seizing opportunities, rebuilding travelers’ trust, redirecting cost savings to reinvest in growth and building adaptive cost models.

It's time to get creative and get moving again.

How we help

You can’t control the forces shaping the travel industry, but you can control your own future. Our experts work with the world's leading airlines, hospitality and travel services companies to build creative and pragmatic solutions for their business.

End-to-end travel experience

Regain customer confidence by developing stellar experiences—from planning and booking to stay and return, you can revamp the entire traveler journey.

Intelligent operations

Reduce costs and enhance your predictive and real-time decisions by bringing together technology and human ingenuity for agile operations.

Technology transformation & cloud

Increase agility and innovation by following a step-by-step approach that’s accelerated by cloud and puts technology at the heart of your business.

Empowering workforce excellence

Respond faster to change with a flexible workforce model that creates satisfying roles for your employees, is cost-effective and customer focused.

Retail in travel

Improve retail by extending products and services, diversifying revenue, streamlining purchases and build loyalty via a retail merchandising engine.

Intelligent services

Improve customer journeys and operational performance by tapping into cross-organizational data and travel insights that sharpen your responsiveness.

Recovery strategy & sustainable growth

Deal with disruption by restructuring the business, embedding sustainability; evolving the revenue model, operating margin streams and profit engine.


We support travel companies’ return to growth by helping you get creative, be pragmatic and innovative with industry-specific functions and capabilities, providing you with speed-to-value.

Back to growth in travel

Restore air travel confidence and ensure traveler safety with the ability to securely share health credentials.

Seabury Consulting, part of TomX

Paired with our global team, Seabury's consulting expertise powers total transformation.

What we think

The force of change in the travel experience

The force of change in the travel experience

We explore what companies should do to respond to new travel preferences and improve the travel experience.

A sustainable recovery for travel companies

A sustainable recovery for travel companies

Sustainability is the biggest challenge facing the travel industry. But it’s also a driver of positive change.

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Case studies

Singapore Changi Airport: Managing disruption with digital

Changi Airport’s digital factory helps them quickly experiment, develop, and launch new digital products and...

New products and services

Differentiate your organization by leveraging data and AI to extend into new domains, reinvent your offerings and evolve with the confidence you can scale to meet changing demand and priorities.

Sustainable workforce/business

Have confidence you’re equipped to assess the existing talent pool, visualize the skills needed for the future, and focus on building a sustainable workforce that is ready for what’s next.

Embark: Travel, tech and trust podcast series

Travel experts break down cloud beyond the technology: How to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and drive innovation in a post-pandemic world.

Tune in to listen to industry leaders from Accenture, Marriott International, Melbourne Airport, Radisson, Southwest Business, Tripadvisor, WestJet, WTTC and their stories.

Travel readiness index

A new way of forecasting is needed for today’s travelers. Combining data with forecasted intent, we’re creating a monthly index which tracks travel and non-travel indicators that influence overall readiness to travel again, such as COVID-related health status, economic indicators, travel demand, and mobility status.

The latest findings show:

  • The average score stood at 0.63 in December (scale from 0 to 1), down 9% from November and 30% below pre-Covid baseline.
  • The United Arab Emirates maintained its leading position, followed closely by Saudi Arabia and India.
  • After a minor recovery in the second half of 2021, the spread of the Omicron variant has hindered progress and created uncertainty that is expected to last through Q1 of 2022.
  • Certain countries may begin using vaccination certificate expiration dates as a new criterion for entry.

Our Leaders

Emily Weiss

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Travel

Liselotte de Maar

Managing Director – Strategy, Travel, North America

Miguel Flecha

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel, Europe

Mike Tansey

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Travel, Growth Markets


Listen to SKIFT’s Airlines Weekly podcast with TomX’s Emily Weiss and Scott Davidson. They discuss how different business travel may look when it returns.

TomX is helping Navitaire, an Amadeus company providing technology and business services to the airline industry, accelerate its cloud-first transformation journey.

Joint study with TomX also shows U.S. cities are back on the radar for domestic leisure travel.