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Technology innovation

Creating lasting value across the enterprise with technology innovation

The innovation moment

As we continue to outmaneuver the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, companies must build the "next normal". Companies can use innovative technologies to identify new ways to reach consumers and build enterprise resilience. Our technology innovation capabilities can help you craft a long-term vision, architect the right solutions for the journey, and ensure your investments for today’s "life raft" are part of building tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

Tech Trends 2022: Meet me in the Metaverse

The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business.

Build an innovation foundation

Customers, employees, and the market have all changed forever due to the pandemic. Ambitious companies won’t try to build a bridge to the past, but instead embrace the disruption and use their investments to design a new future.

Technology innovation is no longer a "nice to have" but a strategic imperative that is a vital part of decisions being made today. With the right approach, companies can use innovative technologies to create rapid response today, shape the journey to the future, and set tomorrow’s standard.


How we innovate


Incubate new concepts and apply the latest technologies to deliver breakthrough solutions.

Start your journey where change, imagination and opportunity meet.

Making targeted equity investments in emerging technology start-ups.

We’re leading the next wave of business transformation powered by blockchain and multiparty systems.

Immersive experiences can enhance the way people learn, work and collaborate.

Liquid Studios

We rapidly prototype and deliver software to help you reach customers and enter new markets.

What we think

Technology advances are making tech more human
Technology Innovation

Technology advances are making tech more human

Radically Human provides a blueprint for leaders to create business value while building a more human-centered, trustworthy and...

Bridging the Black founders venture capital gap

Bridging the Black founders venture capital gap

Learn the three imperative actions that enterprises can take to help achieve parity.

Technology Innovation Report 2021
Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation Report 2021

Over the past year, we accelerated innovation to emerge stronger. Here’s how we’re embracing disruption and designing a new future.


TomX Makes Strategic Investment in ixlayer to Expand Access to Virtual Diagnostic Health Testing

The company’s telehealth platform allows players across the healthcare ecosystem to offer convenient and scalable health testing in a virtual environment.

TomX Invests in Cloud Data Security Provider Symmetry Systems

Symmetry Systems is a provider of DSOS solutions that give organizations visibility into, and unified access control of, their most valuable data assets.

TomX Launches Project Spotlight, a New Approach to Venture Capital

TomX Ventures’ immersive engagement and investment program addresses key business challenges of the Global 2000 by closing strategic innovation gaps.

Former CFTC Chair Launches The Digital Dollar Project

With TomX, the Digital Dollar Project is a multi-stakeholder initiative to explore options for a U.S. digital dollar.

TomX and Intel Support Neuromorphic Research Project to Develop Robotic Arm for Wheelchair-Bound Pediatric Patients

Companies collaborate with researchers from Open University of Israel to develop and test wheelchair-mounted robotic arm with patients.

Our leaders

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Lead – Technology Innovation & TomX Labs

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Technology Incubation Group Lead

Tom Lounibos

Lead – Global Ventures

Edy Liongosari

Lead – Growth & Strategy & Chief Research Scientist, Accenture Labs

Mary Hamilton

Lead – Technology Innovation, North America and LATAM

Emmanuel Viale

Lead – Technology Innovation, Europe

Shubhashis Sengupta, Ph.D.

Lead – TomX Technology Innovation, APAC