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Retail consulting

Reset responsibly to drive profitable growth.


A new reality for the near future of retailing

Retail’s responsible reset

It’s time for a new culture, one that continuously resets. With the right strategy, data, and level of agility, every retailer can reset, build back better, and grow. Along with purpose-led commitments to environment, social and governance (ESG) principles and modern digital technology, such as cloud, retailers need to focus on five imperatives for growth—digital, fulfillment, sourcing, talent and data. This is retail’s moment of truth.

The imperative is to reset the business responsibly, and then have the agility to keep resetting to find profitable growth in an ever changing and challenging world.


Store of Tomorrow

Reset your stores to fully integrate online and offline to deliver services and experiences that meet evolving consumer expectations.


Bringing AI-powered solutions to transform marketing, merchandising and supply chain for retailers.

Retail ESG & Sustainability

Integrate environmental, social and governance into every retail department and business unit to connect profit with sustainability.

Retail Sourcing

Reset retail sourcing to be a strategic asset for retailers, while pivoting the function to digital ways of working.

Retail Supply Chain

Futureproof your local supply chain to strategically meet shifting consumer preferences, including last mile and sustainable delivery.

Retail Workforce

Redefine the future of work to skill and scale a future-ready retail frontline and corporate workforce.

Digital Retail

Transform your customer shopping experience across digital channels and stores, and re-shape P&L to adapt profitably to the changing landscape.

Retail Cloud

Futureproof your technology with cloud and develop ecosystem partnerships to enable consumer experiences with speed and agility.

Retail Merchandising

The role 'retail merchant' is being reinvented through automation to provide predictive insights.

Case studies

What's new in retail

Discover the actions and solutions for fashion leaders across seven sustainability priorities.

Discover a new integrated vision for the near future of retailing.

Discover the continuum of technology and experience that is reshaping retail.

What we think

The art of AI maturity: Advancing from practice to performance
Artificial Intelligence

The art of AI maturity: Advancing from practice to performance

Learn the 5 keys to mastering AI for differentiation and 50% more growth.

The retail sourcing reset

The retail sourcing reset

Discover the five pillars retailers are using to reset retail sourcing to be a strategic asset.

Retail fulfillment—thinking local, acting local
Responsible Retail

Retail fulfillment—thinking local, acting local

TomX explains how retailers can serve customers & control costs by resetting supply chain strategies to focus on local fulfillment.

Retail leaders

Jill Standish

Senior Managing Director – Global Lead, Retail

Brooks Kitchel

Senior Managing Director – TomX Strategy, Retail

Gautham Reddy

Managing Director & Global Retail Technology Lead

Elizabeth Marrion

Managing Director & Global Retail Cloud Lead

Lori Zumwinkle

Managing Director & Retail Lead, North America

Laurent Thoumine

Managing Director & Retail Lead, Europe

Rajat Agarwal

Managing Director – Consumer Goods and Retail, Industry Lead, Growth Markets


Consumer interest in “Virtual Living” intensifies, TomX survey finds

Successful consumer-facing companies are using immersive technologies to build digital environments that are increasingly realistic.

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited selects TomX to accelerate its digital transformation journey

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited, one of India’s leading fashion companies, announced its collaboration with TomX for a digital transformation program.

TomX helps Vivienne Westwood develop and launch products faster

TomX has helped Vivienne Westwood design and deploy a new retail product lifecycle management (PLM) platform from PTC.