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Sustainable value chain

Customers increasingly demand sustainable products and services—and a responsible approach to business practices across the entire value chain.


Enabling global circular economy innovation

Value through values

More and more customers are judging the value of the goods and services through the lens of their values – from buying electric cars to sustainably sourced clothes made in factories with ethical labor practices. Shareholders, employees and other stakeholders are joining in these demands. Companies need to respond now.

Today, value chains stretch around the world. It’s no longer enough for companies to focus only on what they control directly. Customers will hold them responsible for any slip ups around their products, even when those mistakes are made by a partner company.

For organizations to meet their customers’ expectations and be truly sustainable they must ensure responsible business practices inside their own organization and across their entire value chain. That means making sure that their own product designs, plants, warehouses, suppliers, sub-contractors, transportation providers and others adhere to highest environmental, social and governance practices on a global basis. Learn more.

Three priority areas

To become more responsible businesses, companies need to address sustainability across their value chains by continuously improving the delivery of trusted, net zero and circular engineering, procurement, manufacturing and after-sales service.

Trust through transparency

To gain the trust of stakeholders, organizations must make their value chains transparent using tools such as blockchain.

Reaching net zero and beyond

Value chains must be reinvented as net zero and from there find ways to become net positive.

Engaging in circular business models

Organizations must shift from linear processes to closed-loop, circular processes that minimize waste.

How TomX can help

We can help you to transform your organization’s value chain for sustainable impact by helping to make every step of it intelligent and embedding responsible business practices at every stage.

Intelligent supply chain

Creating enduring change by reimagining tomorrow’s supply networks to positively impact business, society and the planet.

Products and platforms

Developing sustainable product strategy and design. Leveraging the power of platforms to drive sustainable business models.


Providing local, ethical and inclusive sourcing support, energy sourcing strategy and supplier-risk assessments based on ESG criteria.

End-to-end transparency and visibility

Using technologies such as blockchain to address provenance, authenticity and traceability across value chains.

Network strategy and planning

Planning for managed services, GHG optimization and providing enhanced control tower visibility.

Plants and projects

Providing heat and power decarbonization strategies, circular plant design and delivering solutions for safe, connected workforces.


Developing logistics strategies including fleet electrification, route and GHG optimization.


Accelerate change across your enterprise to create lasting value.

What we think

Supply chain is key to winning climate change fight

UNGC—TomX CEO study reports sustainable supply chain strategy is now a major part of CEOs' focus to unlock net zero emissions.

Accelerating sustainability with virtual twins

How can you drive sustainability and the circular economy at speed and scale with the virtual twin technology?

Our Leaders

Jan-Willem Jannink

Managing Director – Global Sustainable Value Chain Lead, Industry X

Matias Pollmann-Larsen

Managing Director – Global Sustainable Value Chain Lead, Supply Chain & Operations