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Production and operations

Optimizing and digitalizing factories, plants and sites.

Struggling to deliver on the promise of digital operations?

Both discrete and process manufacturers face unprecedented demands, from sky-high customer expectations to the drive for sustainability.

They need to boost efficiency, flexibility and safety to survive in a world of growing economic, environmental and regulatory pressures. To gain the visibility and control they need, they must push beyond single-site, “Industry 4.0” digitization efforts and optimize the entirety of their production, workforce and supply chain networks.

But with operations and assets spanning the globe, hampered by legacy technology, transforming can become a real challenge.

Let’s push for “intelligence everywhere”​

With market-leading expertise and a top-tier partner ecosystem, we specialize in connecting and optimizing not just a few, but all factories, plants, and sites of our clients.

Production & Operations combines a range of disciplines to bring you holistic, large-scale transformation:

  • IT/OT integration
  • Big data and real-time analytics
  • IIoT and sensor technology
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Digital twin/thread and more

By embedding intelligence into the entirety of our clients‘ operations, we deliver EBITDA improvements of up to 30% along with a stronger foundation for future success.

Seizing the benefits of digital at scale

Sustainability, legacy technologies, IT/OT integration, change management, cross-department collaboration and scaling digital transformation across assets, sites and networks are top challenges manufacturers are facing. We help them to get towards...

For discrete manufacturers

  • Faster delivery times, speed to market
  • Demand for hyper personalization and customization
  • Reach global customer base and increase sustainability
  • Frequent product cycle rollouts and retirements
  • Changes in trade regulation that often require relocation
  • Price and cost uncertainty due to macroeconomic volatility

For process manufacturers

  • Compressive disruption and shrinking margins due to product commoditization
  • Global market competition
  • Feedstock variability
  • Social pressure to reduce environmental footprint and improve safety
  • An increased customer focus on the use of chemicals
  • Long tail of small orders customized products


Our offerings include industry-specific platforms, solutions and services that address everything from strategy and operational excellence through to digital twin. As a leading cloud provider, we’re uniquely equipped to run these solutions remotely.

Manufacturing strategy & op model

  • Manufacturing & Digital Strategy
  • Manufacturing Op Model Design
  • Manufacturing Operational Excellence
  • Network Optimization & Contract Manufacturing
  • Design to Margin for Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations systems

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES / MOM)
  • Industrial Control Systems (PLC / SCADA / DCS)
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Operations Command Center (Control Tower, iROC)

Smart connected production

  • Operations Digital Twin
  • Advanced Production Analytics

Specific services

Unlock value through manufacturing transformation

Unlocking value and capacity in existing assets by focusing on foundational improvements, process and leadership engagement to drive higher production levels and reduce cost.

Digitizing pharma manufacturing at scale

Leveraging digital technologies to transform product development, scaled manufacturing and supply chain operations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital technologies for agriculture

Moving the Agriculture industry into a new era of precision farming with an adaptive IoT software platform incorporating expansive field data options.

Awards & recognition

Expertise you can build upon: Independent research organizations continuously recognize TomX as a best-in-class provider of operations consulting, solutions, and services.


IDC MarketScape Names TomX a Smart Manufacturing Services Leader

A Worldwide leader in this 2021 report. Find out more.


Verdantix 2020 Green Quadrant for Operational Excellence Digital Services

A leader in this market worldwide.


HfS Top Ten Report for Industry 4.0 Services

TomX ranked No.1 in 2019.


Work with the world's leading operations experts! In recent years, we have acquired some of the best operations consulting firms from around the globe to build our capabilities and bring even more value:


April 8, 2021: Expanding Accenture’s industrial robotics and automation solutions.

Myrtle Consulting Group

October 9, 2020: To expand Industry X's manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.

SALT Solutions

Expanding Industry X’s digital manufacturing, operations and supply chain business in Germany.

Callisto Integration

May 5, 2020: Strengthens Industry X’s ability to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible.

What we think

How digital twins enable autonomous operations
Production & Operations

How digital twins enable autonomous operations

Manufacturing systems need to evolve to support manufacturer's transformation toward data-driven adaptive operations.

Capture value from collaboration
Industry X

Capture value from collaboration

Explore how to better connect your business functions.

Our Leaders

Maikel van Verseveld

Managing Director – Industry X, Digital Manufacturing & Operations, Technology Global Lead

Pascal Brosset

Managing Director – Industry X, Production & Operations Global Lead

Peter Frandina

Managing Director – Industry X, Production & Operations, North America Lead

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In every country around the world, we help clients lead in their industry, capitalize on industry convergence, and foster cross-industry connections to improve performance and explore new growth opportunities.