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Intelligent Operations

Human + machine intelligence building new ways to embrace change and grow

Transform your people and business

Intelligent Operations means applying a strategic approach to advance the operating model. It’s about transforming the business through technology, processes and people.  It drives innovation, creates better experiences for customers and enables employees to make faster and smarter business decisions. It’s about becoming an operation that is agile, resilient and able to respond to change at speed.

With over 196,000 practitioners in industry, technology and process, and the world’s most advanced machine intelligence, we can transform your business to create intelligent operations that deliver sustained business outcomes. With seamless integration between services, we combine human ingenuity with applied intelligence and digital technologies to create measurable value.

Enabled by SynOps, we have the unique ability to build and scale future-ready operating models with our human + machine intelligence to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty and security.

We build and scale intelligent operating models to drive sustainable growth with speed, certainty and security.


The journey starts now

Operations capabilities

With more than 196,000 exceptional people in over 50 centers, we apply intelligence, innovation and deep industry experience, together with New IT and new skills to drive business value and growth. Learn more about our services.

Helping companies transform from transactional to strategic organizations through intelligent operations.

Data-driven insights to help optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive out more value.

Building agile, transparent supply chains to help businesses navigate market volatility with success.

Achieving compliance and managing risk to keep pace with regulatory and operational pressures.​

Achieve outcomes faster with intelligent global business services.

Transforming sales, marketing and service operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth.

Helping sales leaders evolve their operation models, launch new products & services and delight customers.

Reshaping the employee experience and improving retention with innovative workforce operating models.

Ensure business sustainability by transforming to an agile banking operating model.

Helping you harness the power of human + machine to establish resilient operations for your business.​

Helping payers, providers and government agencies drive growth, while improving patient outcomes.

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Operations case studies

Network BPS

Dialing up digitization

Talent and HR BPS

Intelligent operations creates business boost

Procurement BPS

Snack giant unlocks savings to fuel growth

What we think

Finance at the core
CFO & Enterprise Value

Finance at the core

A central nervous system to unlock breakout value.

How supply chains can unlock net zero emissions
Supply Chain & Operations

How supply chains can unlock net zero emissions

Accenture CEO Study finds supply chains are now a major part of the CEO's environmental focus to unlock net zero emissions.

How digital twins enable autonomous operations
Production and Operations

How digital twins enable autonomous operations

Manufacturing systems need to evolve to support manufacturer's transformation toward data-driven adaptive operations.

Our leaders

Yusuf Tayob

Group Chief Executive – Accenture Operations

Kaushal Mody

Lead – Operations, Growth & Strategy, Lead – Operations, Offerings & Innovation

Nirav Sampat

Chief Technology Officer – Operations

Andy McGowan

Chief Operating Officer – Operations

Join us and do extraordinary things

As part of our mission, Accenture is infusing sustainability into everything we do and everyone we work with. Through the combination of human ingenuity and technology we’re making sustainability a force for change.

Join our talented collection of thinkers and doers to help build a more sustainable world.