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Outcomes-focused service delivery

Meeting citizens where they are, with personalized, frictionless experiences that foster confidence in government.

Experience reimagined

Achieving the best outcomes requires a deliberate, strategic approach to make the biggest difference in individuals' lives. With the proper planning, this is a look at the future of citizens' experiences:

Boundaryless insight sharing

A non-custodial parent applies for unemployment and child support payments are adjusted so financial obligations are met.

AI-driven government services

A business owner starts a new daycare center in just a few weeks thanks to an AI-driven advisor that walks her through the process.

Proactive government services

Instead of stressing out over her annual tax return, a mom pulls up a pre-populated form on her smartphone and pushes a button to file.

Government in a marketplace

A teenager interested in fishing buys a new pole at the local sporting goods store and can apply for a fishing license at the same time.

Government as a business partner

A hobbyist brewer uses a wizard powered by the state economic development agency and local suppliers to start a microbrewery.

Government enabling communities

A family files for unemployment benefits, and the local food bank gets information so they can provide additional support right where the family lives.

Designing services around people, not agencies

The pandemic has spurred a revolution in government service delivery. Agencies no longer have the luxury of aspiring to meet the service expectations of their citizens someday in the future. The time to change is now. A decade’s worth of technology and lifestyle changes, that have transformed consumer expectations, are poised for government adoption today.

To begin, agencies must get in sync with what people need, want—and how they live. A profound shift is underway: from isolated transactions and agency silos to holistic experiences and clear outcomes.

Making this shift goes beyond portals, digitizing transactions and tweaking touchpoints. It is experience led. It takes transforming strategies, systems, processes, and technologies to deliver consistent experiences regardless of the channel. Because the future of citizen service delivery is driving outcomes, and outcomes hinge on experience. Relevant. Responsive. Easy. Fast.

Obsess over citizens’ needs

Citizens' needs and values continue to shift, making their holistic 'experience' a more pressing issue than ever before. To better understand these evolving expectations, hear real people’s thoughts on interacting with government services.

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Citizen experience – impactful change

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Citizen experience – frictionless trust

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Better experiences drive better outcomes

Case studies

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Northeastern University built a hybrid, flexible learning model and left a lasting mark on the student...

Tackling Tennessee’s surge for pandemic relief

The Tennessee DHS needed call center assistance to deal with massive COVID-19 call volumes.

CalSAWS takes first step in cloud journey

California Statewide Automated Welfare System moves to a single, statewide cloud application on AWS.

What we think

Achieving compliance by design

Improving citizens’ experiences can play a critical role in boosting compliance.

Growth: It comes down to experience

Rising to the challenges. Three trends that gave rise to the Business of Experience.

The sustainable last mile

The last-mile supply chain could lower last-mile emissions between 17 and 26% through 2025.

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