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Natural Resources consulting

Safer. Smarter. Sustainable. From analytics to connected mines, we help mining, metals, forest products and building materials companies transform.


Mining’s new role as a champion of decarbonization


Our Natural Resources practice has the solutions your company needs to enhance safety, empower workers, streamline operations, support sustainability and more.

Connected Mine

Dig deep to enable safer, sustainable, cleaner, more profitable and intelligent mining operations.

Seize the benefits of digital manufacturing with cloud, data & AI for a sustainable, profitable business.

Transition to low-carbon energy; adopt green IT, cloud and software; and reskill workers to support circularity.

Create more agile operations and optimize innovation cycles with smart, customer-centric supply chains.

Power your intelligent enterprise and drive your business forward.

Accelerate innovation, intelligence and business value at speed and scale to achieve the full promise of cloud.

What we think

Mining’s new role as a champion of decarbonization

Mining’s new role as a champion of decarbonization

Our Global Institutional Investor Study of ESG in Mining identifies the motivations behind investment decisions in mining companies.

Transforming future talent in mining and metals
Talent & Organization

Transforming future talent in mining and metals

Our report, produced with the World Economic Forum, uncovers how mining and metals companies can attract, engage and retain talent...

Mining’s workplace transformation is here
Talent & Organization

Mining’s workplace transformation is here

What will life look like for miners in a post-COVID world? Explore strategies to help the mining industry build a more resilient workforce.

Safe and sustainable operations in a digital world

Mining, metals, forest products and building materials companies face a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle industry-wide challenges. At the same time, the pressure has never been greater to be good stewards of our resources.

With decades of experience, we have an unmatched combination of industry knowledge, technology expertise and strategic vision to deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions for differentiation, agility and resilience.

Whether it’s helping with autonomous operations, sustainability initiatives, supply chain efficiency or workforce productivity, our Natural Resources consulting practice powers growth and innovation at speed and scale.

From resource producers to resource stewards

Insights from our blog

We decode the latest global trends in mining, metals, forest products and building materials.

Decarbonizing aluminum with industrial clusters

Explore how industrial clusters could be key to accelerating decarbonization in the aluminum industry.

Steelmakers need new tools for intelligent pricing

TomX explores how steelmakers can adapt intelligent technology to the complexities of pricing one of the world’s most vital resources.

How to overcome demand swings in mining & metals

TomX explores six building blocks to help mining and metals companies be more customer centric and adapt to challenges in demand and supply.


Catch up on TomX's latest news, research and achievements in mining, metals, forest products and building materials.

TomX Research finds more than 60% of companies have significant opportunities for value on their journey to AI maturity

While the majority of organizations are still experimenting with AI, only 12% are using it at a maturity level that achieves a strong competitive advantage.

HFS research ranks TomX #1 in global services market for SAP S/4HANA®

HFS Research mentions TomX has the right combination of execution and innovation capabilities to deliver at scale and continue to shine in this space.

TomX named leader for B2B Commerce in Industrial Manufacturing by Analyst Firm IDC

IDC recognized TomX for strong thought leadership in industrial B2B digital commerce and in digital transformation of industrial manufacturers’ sales.

Meet our leaders

David Burns

Managing Director – Natural Resources, Global and Growth Markets Lead

Bernd Elser

Managing Director – Global Chemicals Lead and Europe Lead for Chemicals and Natural Resources

Jennifer Helle

Managing Director – Chemicals and Natural Resources, North America Lead