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Intelligent Platform Services

Realize the full potential of the world’s most powerful platforms to push the boundaries of what technology can enable and transform your business at speed.

Building ethical, sustainable businesses.


Partnering to harness change for positive impact

There is hardly a business in the world that couldn’t benefit from the huge potential offered by new technologies. Recognizing that potential increasingly requires platforms that bring together the major capabilities needed to run a modern enterprise & take advantage of new business models. But the real question for businesses today is how quickly you can exploit the potential of these platforms to unlock value. At TomX, we have understood the power of these platform technologies for a long time and have been increasing our own capabilities & broadening the number of platforms with which we partner.

Our aim is to accelerate your path to value by bringing together intelligent platforms & human ingenuity and expand your people’s potential to drive positive change.

We do this by:

  • Creating tangible value through real capabilities
  • Generating new value by unleashing the power of data & technology
  • Landing that value in the context of complex organizations with complex needs & cultures

How we work

TomX brings a unique set of skills to accelerate the path to value for our clients. The combination of these skills allows us not only to imagine more visionary outcomes for your business, but also to develop proprietary assets that can help you differentiate, and to create technological solutions that truly push the boundaries of what is possible.


Unlock the value of your SAP application portfolio, with the power of intelligence, everywhere.

Innovate at scale to accelerate digital transformation using Oracle-based solutions.

Transform your business and your customer experience with Microsoft solutions.

Experience enterprise transformation with unmatched expertise.

Supercharge Human Resources and Finance as strategic partners to drive revenue growth.

Unleash the power of unforgettable customer experiences.

Case studies

Sparking a revolution in how we work

Global biopharma company embraces innovation to improve work-life balance.

WPI amps up its technology with Workday Student

Worcester Polytechnic Institute transforms critical functions to equal its world-class degree programs...

Global fund manager future proofs growth

The superior functionality of Workday Financial Management ensures a pivot to a more transparent, consistent...