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Digital engineering and manufacturing

Utilizing the power of data and digital to help organizations reimagine the products they make and how they make them, every step of the way.

What is digital engineering and manufacturing?

And why a tectonic shift is underway.

Put simply, digital engineering and manufacturing is quickly becoming the industry standard for how companies design and make products for today’s discerning consumers. This involves making seismic changes to traditional engineering and manufacturing methods that have existed for decades, by utilizing advanced technologies such as digital twins, robotics, AR/VR, cloud, data and AI. We call this Industry X.

This is bigger than the digital transformation of your front office and back office. It requires a complete reimagination of how to meet customer demands and expectations. And it’s creating new levels of productivity, growth and sustainability.

To get it done, organizations need to transform the core operations of their business and build a digital backbone and thread that runs from their consumers all the way through their value chain—and back again.

Welcome to Industry X

Intelligence changes, not just how we think, but industry itself and the very products it makes. Intelligence is Industry's X.

What we think

In a world where you can digitize what you make and revolutionize how you make it, looking at products from ideation to end-of-life and how you can recycle them becomes possible.

Join us

Create the future of digital engineering and manufacturing. Take what you dream and make it real with Industry X.