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High Tech

Unprecedented disruption requires transformation. Build compelling customer and partner experiences, reinvent core operations and scale new business models with the power of digital.


Kris Timmermans on Building Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains

Transforming the high tech industry

Our latest TomX study reveals eight trends that are triggering a new industry paradigm for high tech. Evolving customer needs and macro-level shifts are spurring the need for technological evolution and operating model re-invention.

The key imperatives for the CXO’s are to focus on creating new value for customers, capitalizing on market opportunities and top-line growth. High Tech companies must modernize their core by shifting to as-a-Service models, expanding industry boundaries, reinventing their portfolios, modernizing with enterprise transformation and building resilient supply chains.

Transforming an industry that transformed the world

TomX & Microsoft create a scalable solution


High Tech Perspectives blog series

High Tech is a fast-paced industry, at the forefront of any digital transformation journey. It can be overwhelming to stay in-the-know on the latest news and information on that journey so each week, Accenture’s High Tech experts share their thoughts on the latest trends, current events and solutions for your company, clients and ecosystem in the High Tech Perspective blog series.

Sectors we serve

Our high-tech services are honed by decades of deep industry experience across a variety of sectors.


AI, IoT, automotive and digital applications are fueling industry growth. We’ll help you capitalize on these opportunities and drive efficiency.

Enterprise Technology

The shift to cloud and the adoption of new business models have changed everything. We help industry leaders scale enterprise-wide intelligence.

Consumer Technology

Consumer technology is growing—but competition is fierce, and the risk of commoditization is high. We can help you navigate the changing landscape.

Communications Technology

The promise of 5G-led growth is on the horizon. We are a leader in helping companies move to 5G and maximize its potential.

Medical Equipment

To drive growth, providers need to innovate with new technology and digitize operations. We spark end-to-end transformation, from R&D to supply chain.


Working with TomX means working with a cross-functional team of experts who bring the knowledge and support you need to scale new products, platforms and business models quickly.

Cloud for High Tech

Accelerate innovation, intelligence and business value at speed and scale to achieve the full promise of cloud.

As-a-Service Business

Embrace digital strategies, offerings, products and experiences, increase revenue and gain competitive edge.

Intelligent revenue growth

Drive top-line revenue growth and margin improvements with the right data and advanced AI & ML tools.

Intelligent supply chain

Build an intelligent, customer-centric supply chain with leading-edge technologies.

Connected product innovation

Design compelling, holistic user experiences with smart connected products for new business models.

Modern platform engineering

Comprehensive engineering services helping companies differentiate in the digital era.

Recharge growth with M&A

Unlock opportunities to broaden product portfolios and fuel short-term and long-term growth through new...

Case studies

TomX + Intel Partnership

The TomX and Intel Partnership delivers ideal client outcomes for diverse companies across industries.

Epson transforms to a service-oriented model

Epson helps address social issues with customer-focused digital transformation.

Johnson Controls and TomX

Johnson Controls and TomX build intelligence-based capabilities, addressing sustainability outcomes.

High Tech multimedia center

Listen or watch industry leaders who are working every day with companies like yours, to solve problems and drive transformations.

The CIO Chat with Chetna Sehgal, TomX’s Technology Managing Director discusses important issues concerning today’s CIOs.

Our XaaS files podcast talks about as-a-Service business models to navigate growth and increase the value of their companies.

Find out how you can transform and drive change in your organization by viewing or listening to our CIO Chat with Chetna or XaaS files podcast.

What we think

Weathering disruption for high tech supply chains
Supply Chain & Operations

Weathering disruption for high tech supply chains

Learn how organizations can weather future disruptions by transforming their supply chains in four steps.

High Tech CFOs: Evolving into the future
CFO & Enterprise Value

High Tech CFOs: Evolving into the future

Know how high tech CFOs can better collaborate with C-suite peers to drive strategic change with agility.

Semiconductor growth through as-a-Service models

Semiconductor growth through as-a-Service models

We answer “the why” behind semiconductor companies’ interest in moving to an as-a-Service model.


Transforming buildings to be smart and sustainable

October 11, 2021 / IoT platforms help transform facilities into energy-efficient smart buildings to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets and requirements.

The cloud is the key to driving innovation

July 16, 2021 / Semiconductor businesses can accelerate innovation, productivity and gain competitive advantage by transforming to cloud in five steps.

Improving patient care and organizational health with internet of medical things

July 7, 2021 / Augmented by the pandemic, technologies like 5G and AI will enable new self-care apps and products for increased efficiencies and revenue.

Our Leaders

David Sovie

Senior Managing Director – High Tech, Global

Syed Alam

Managing Director – Semiconductor Industry Lead, Global

Guido D'hert

Managing Director – Semiconductor, Europe

Arun Khurana

Managing Director – High Tech, North America

Ryosuke Sato

Managing Director – High Tech Industry, Japan

Hongbiao Yu

Managing Director – High Tech, China