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Digital engineering and manufacturing services

Digitize what you make. Revolutionize how you make it.

Welcome to Industry X

We use the combined power of data and digital to reimagine the products you make and how you make them.

We call this integrated approach to digital engineering and manufacturing Industry X.

With digital intelligence connecting every point along the way, we will work with you using data and technologies such as AR/VR, cloud, AI, 5G, robotics and digital twins to embed greater resilience, productivity and sustainability into your core operations. And create new, hyper-personalized experiences and intelligent products and services.

Industry X digitizes your business every step of the way to reimagine how products and services are:

  • Designed and engineered
  • Sourced and supplied
  • Manufactured
  • Serviced, returned, and renewed
Industry X explained

Intelligence is the driving force of change in industry today. It has created new kinds of disruption, and new opportunities.


Our team has expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, technology, consulting and operations. Together we help solve your biggest challenges, create products that consumers love, and get them to market quickly, sustainably and cost efficiently.

Digitizing the R&D process to help clients lower their development costs and get new products to market faster.

Creating smart-connected products that provide vital digital intelligence and drive organizational change.

Bringing new ideas, products and services to market with increased efficiencies and speed.

Enhancing clients’ revenue streams by helping them adapt to as-a-service businesses.

Creating connected factories and plants across multiple sites for enhanced management and efficiencies.

Digitizing large infrastructure projects to bring them in on time and budget.

The power of data and digital to increase asset reliability through self-optimizing operations.

Harnessing digital technology to increase employees’ safety.

Redesigning manufacturing for more productive and efficient human + machine collaboration.

Ecosystem partnerships

We work with a global network of market leaders and innovators to give you the ability to move quickly and scale faster, with unrivalled access to top talent, technology, and expertise.

Our Leaders

Nigel Stacey

Lead – Industry X

Fay Cranmer

Senior Managing Director – Industry X, Growth Markets Lead

Aaron Saint

Senior Managing Director – Industry X, North America Lead

Götz Erhardt

Senior Managing Director – Industry X, Europe Lead

Sef Tuma

Senior Managing Director – Industry X Lead, Engineering & Manufacturing

What we think

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Digital Engineering & Manufacturing

Reinventing packaging

Why smart, connected packaging offers breakthrough value for product businesses.

How digital twins enable autonomous operations
Production and Operations

How digital twins enable autonomous operations

Manufacturing systems need to evolve to support manufacturer's transformation toward data-driven adaptive operations.

How thread-first thinking maximizes value
R&D and Engineering Solutions

How thread-first thinking maximizes value

TomX details how to fully integrate a digital thread approach from a digital twin focus and stay in front of the immense wave of product...

Join us

Create the future of digital engineering and manufacturing. Take what you dream and make it real with Industry X.

Frequently asked questions

Digital engineering services is the process for how organizations design, develop and launch software-enabled devices, equipment, products and services for today’s discerning consumers. This involves making seismic changes across the value chain, to digitize, optimize and transform traditional R&D and engineering processes and tools that have existed for decades. By combining our deep digital engineering expertise, innovation networks and advanced technologies such as digital twins, robotics, AR/VR, cloud, data, AI, we can help you reimagine the products you make and how you make them.
The benefits of digital engineering include: increased returns on R&D investment; new revenue streams unlocked and existing product portfolios are better optimized; new smart connected product design and development; accelerated time to market; improved product reliability; increased consumer confidence and loyalty, through secure and sustainable products.
Digital manufacturing services is the process for how forward-looking organizations digitize and optimize their manufacturing sites at scale, enabling them to produce modern, intelligent and sustainable products that are fit for today’s savvy consumers and omnichannel marketplace. This involves shaking up traditional manufacturing operations to become more customer-centric, agile and responsive. Manufacturing services have been revolutionized by today’s technology – allowing organizations to transform the way projects are planned, managed and executed by building smart factories of the future that leverage 5G technology and put advanced robotics and warehouse automation at their core.
The benefits of digital manufacturing include: improved production and operations; greater capital efficiencies; reduced manufacturing costs and environmental impact; improved safety, productivity and experiences for the industrial worker; and enhanced cyber resilience and operational availability.