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Communications & Media

Shift to experience-led open platform models to become unstoppable providers of next-generation IP services and immersive customer experiences.

Spotlight on Communications and Media industries

Explore TomX’s Communications and Media industry practices.

Communications consulting

Discover how we're helping CSPs reinvent by updating tech and operating models, adopting new growth models and driving hyper-personalization.

Media consulting

We help media and entertainment businesses outmaneuver uncertainty. With end-to-end transformation expertise, our clients emerge stronger and grow.

Case studies

Swisscom doubles its environmental ambition

Swisscom decided to update its sustainability goals with ambitious goals in a race to Net Zero by...

New products and services

Differentiate your organization by leveraging data and AI to extend into new domains, reinvent your offerings and evolve with the confidence you can scale to meet changing demand and priorities.

Sustainable workforce/business

Have confidence you’re equipped to assess the existing talent pool, visualize the skills needed for the future, and focus on building a sustainable workforce that is ready for what’s next.


Our data-driven, open-platform models and agile services are scalable and designed to drive growth across your business.

Want to build customer engagement? We help you create a personalized platform, powered by smart tech, to drive seamless experiences across channels.

Our comprehensive intelligent advertising services can help you grow your advertising business.

Accelerate 5G rollout, achieve ultra-lean legacy network management, launch new software-driven network services.

A comprehensive set of capabilities to accelerate your evolution to 5G networks and services.

Bringing applied intelligence to life by combining AI with industry know-how.

Our full spectrum of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services to stay ahead of the competition.

CSPs' critical role in the race to net zero

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are in a critical position to directly address the challenges of climate change. In this new paper done In collaboration with Accenture Research, we propose that that telcos that assume the mantle of Sustainability Steward can be part of the solution, for themselves, for their business and customers, and for global environmental impact. A Steward can take one of three forms: Sustainability Leaders who transform from within, Ecosystem Enablers who expand their influence to those their businesses touch, and Consumer Champions who work directly with end users to reduce carbon emissions.

These three roles are not mutually exclusive, and CSPs can fill them all. In the race to net zero, Sustainability Stewards make valuable transformations and set themselves up to reap rewards - for the environment, and for their business.

What we think

Streaming’s next act

Streaming’s next act

Explore consumer insights and the next phase of innovation that provides consumers more control over the streaming experience.

Growth and innovation in the chemical industry
Strategy & Consulting

Growth and innovation in the chemical industry

Discover the challenges and opportunities for chemical companies across six key levers of growth and innovation.

Six building blocks for digital R&D in chemicals
Technology Innovation

Six building blocks for digital R&D in chemicals

TomX examines six technology building blocks that will likely be key to tomorrow’s research and development function for chemical...

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Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, Global

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Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, North America

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Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, Europe

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Managing Director – Communications & Media, Growth Markets, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East