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Drive profitable growth with digital commerce transformation


People buy and sell in totally new ways. This rapid shift to digital sales and commerce, accelerated by COVID-19, has given businesses a monumental opportunity to create new revenue streams, meet new customers and capture the full potential of a $10 trillion market that’s poised to nearly triple by 2027.

Companies are looking to drive more sales and revenue through digital channels they own, and they want visibility into the volume and profitability of all their channels so that they can optimize outcomes and reduce complexity. Meanwhile, they are recalibrating their routes to market to meet changing buyer needs and to retain customers and accelerate sales.

We help businesses reimagine buying and selling experiences to increase relevance and drive continuous growth. To maximize the growth opportunity, we balance the complexity of the sales and commerce ecosystem with the simplicity of an agile business model to help our clients sell everywhere.


Expand profitable growth through direct digital commerce

We help businesses profitably expand their digital ecosystems by growing digital sales and commerce.

How we do it:
Build an owned digital channel for growth

Create a direct-to-customer channel so you can meet customers’ expectations for digital as their primary interaction.

Manage the complexity of direct channels

Launch platforms that integrate with and support your digital and physical sales and commerce channels for around-the-clock availability and operational efficiency.

Reimagine offerings to create new paths to revenue

Capture and analyze data to understand customer preferences and values and apply those insights to unlock entirely new revenue streams.

Optimize performance and drive new growth across channels

We help businesses reinvent and scale digital sales commerce strategies across owned and indirect channels to drive optimal sales performance and profitability, strengthen brand loyalty and generate new market growth.


How we do it:
Apply insights to identify new paths to growth

Get visibility into cross-channel performance and build a customer and competitor intelligence engine.

Manage channel complexity and scale

Build an agile, efficient architecture and operations to reduce costs and improve speed to market.

Orchestrate seamless cross-channel experiences

Build data-driven brand experiences to own and optimize the digital shelf experience.

Optimize performance to maximize sales

Continually optimize marketing and merchandising decisions, within and across channels, to drive ROI.


Drive sustainable business growth.

We design, stand-up and operate complex marketing ecosystems that harness technology and data to enable targeted buyer communications efficiently and effectively at scale.

How we do it:
Accelerate sales by optimizing and innovating across routes to market

We help clients retain and accelerate sales by redefining and optimizing their B2B and B2C sales channels—direct (field and inside sales) and indirect (captive and independent resellers, distributors and agents).

Reimagine your sales function

Identify target markets, the right routes and channel mix, sales coverage, KPIs and incentives to maximize growth. Redesign your organization to support the strategy, including sales talent, roles, responsibilities, competency management, sales operations and channel management.

Optimize sales

Enable end-to-end sales capabilities by defining products and solutions; optimizing sales processes, pricing and profitability; simplifying contracting; embedding guardrails; and engaging digital selling tools like CRM, PRM, CPQ, CLM, ICM and SPM.

Develop a sales-as-a-service organization

Establish and manage dedicated sales capabilities through Digital Inside Sales and Marketing and Sales Operations.


64% of leading consumer brands are starting to invest in immersive experiences. What was a quirky novelty just a few years ago has become a powerful utility today.

Brands who engage consumers in the moment have the opportunity to capture the full potential of an ecommerce market that’s set to nearly triple to $27 trillion by 2027.

CPGs must radically re-think their relationships with both consumers and customers. And they must forgo old ways of operating.



Finding the perfect blend


Omnichannel consumer experience


A bouquet of innovation