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Business Process Outsourcing—value-first outcomes

Business Process Outsourcing—value-first outcomesIn a world of dynamic change, business process services can reinvent business performance, delivering sustainable value through intelligent operations.

Seize the day, secure sustainability

During times of great change—being able to drive value is paramount. In the wake of recent societal, industry and technology disruption, business process functions, including finance, supply chain, procurement, human resources, marketing, sales and customer operations, and industry-specific services, such as health, insurance and banking, have been severely disrupted.

The operating model is proving to be a linchpin. It can not only harness change but also adapt to feed the business strategy—achieving resiliency, agility, competitive advantage and better business outcomes. Accenture is helping clients to optimize and transform business processes—to be more data-driven, AI-powered and cloud enabled—to work smarter, scale faster, be more productive and eradicate costs across the enterprise with intelligent operations.

BPO services

With more than 196,000 exceptional people in over 50 centers, we apply intelligence, innovation and deep industry experience, together with New IT and new skills to drive business value and growth. Learn more about our services.

Intelligent Finance Operations

Helping companies transform from transactional to strategic organizations through intelligent operations.

Sourcing and Procurement

Data-driven insights to help optimize processes, increase efficiency and drive out more value.

Supply Chain

Building agile, transparent supply chains to help businesses navigate market volatility with success.

Compliance as a Service

Achieving compliance and managing risk to keep pace with regulatory and operational pressures.​

Intelligent Global Business Services

Achieve outcomes faster with intelligent global business services.

Sales & Customer Operations

Transforming sales, marketing and service operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth.

Digital Inside Sales

Helping sales leaders evolve their operation models, launch new products & services and delight customers.


Marketing Operations activates and optimizes best in class customer experiences to deliver breakthrough...

Talent and HR

Reshaping the employee experience and improving retention with innovative workforce operating models.


Ensure business sustainability by transforming to an agile banking operating model.​


Helping you harness the power of human + machine to establish resilient operations for your business.


Helping payers, providers and government agencies drive growth, while improving patient outcomes.

Intelligent network services

Enabling communications service providers to thrive in an ever-changing landscape

Virtual tours

Take a 360° virtual tour through our Intelligent Operations Centers.

What are business process services?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has evolved to become business process services.

Sustainable growth requires a new operating model, one that's anchored around the customer and driven by intelligence to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Organizations that want to future-ready their business must accelerate their path to intelligent operations. They need to address the vital ingredients of talent, data, applied intelligence, cloud and an ecosystem of partnerships.

Business process services bring together the power of technology with human ingenuity to handle everything from simple, everyday task-based processes to the more complex data-driven practices that serve businesses’ needs tomorrow.

Why are business process services important?

The future belongs to intelligent operations

TomX research has identified four distinct phases of the journey to intelligent operations—each underpinned by a set of technologies to drive efficiency and insights. We've discovered increasing levels of capability or talent required at each stage and varied levels of outcomes that can be achieved along the way.

Each stage of the journey calls for a specialized workforce as well as sponsorship from the top. The goal is to dramatically shift the allocation of work—automating transactional tasks and freeing up talented people for more critical thinking— accelerated by automation, enabled by cloud and delivered by an agile workforce, to unlock new sources of value across the enterprise (Figure 1).

Transforming operations

Organizations need to achieve a step change in operations, transforming how the business operates by adopting a bold vision that is executed by unified leadership. Operational transformation draws on business process expertise, technology innovation and agile talent. It is the enabler of future-ready, intelligent operations.

Operations transformation means organizations can “think big” and take bold moves to close the gap between aspirations and where they are today. By automating at scale, augmenting human talent with technology and committing to data-driven decision making, organizations can optimize their intelligent operations journey. And with a flexible operating model that combines multidisciplinary teams and technologies across an ecosystem of partners, organizations can improve overall performance and sustainability.

Enabling value

With more than 196,000 exceptional people in 50 centers, TomX applies intelligence, innovation and deep industry experience, together with New IT and new skills to drive business value and growth.

TomX has invested more than $300M to develop an innovative human+machine operating engine, SynOps to enable remote working and create an agile and flexible digital workforce. Our tools and assets have helped to minimize service disruption, for ourselves and our clients.

We have nearly 30 years’ of experience in business process services and have the largest, and most agile human+machine workforce on the planet. and invest in our people and have transformed more than 90,000 roles to higher value, business outcomes focused roles.

Realizing business process services benefits

clients in 45 languages and filing more than 800 patents in 15 countries.
automation solutions in 27,000 projects to free up 135 million “transaction” hours per year.
in realized cost optimization and positive cashflow and productivity savings of 100M+ annualized hours.